Learn All About Advocacy

Michigan Historic Preservation Network’s Historic Preservation Advocacy Day on March 23rd in Lansing has become more relevant than ever in the last few weeks. With Representative Chris Afendoulis from Grand Rapids trying to push through House Bill 5232, which would drastically reduce the ability of local communities to protect their historic resources, we should all attend this day of learning to better advocate for Michigan history.

The day-long workshop kicks off with an update on current issues pertinent to historic preservation. A late addition to the list includes HB5232. The day will also feature meetings with both state representatives and state senators. Legislative Advocacy 101 teaches attendees about the basics of advocacy.

The workshop takes place in the Christman Building in Lansing. Cost is $45 per person, and you must be registered by March 18th.

For a detailed description of the schedule, go to MHPN Historic Preservation Advocacy Day.

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