A Few Updates


While we’ve been quiet on the Grand River barn front, other’s have been at work making sure this gem is saved. Somehow, somewhere our contact information was passed incorrectly, but through the efforts of a contractor for the new property owner, our DDA president and fellow preservationists at the Oakland County Pioneer and Historical Society, the barn is going to be disassembled and moved to the property of Pine Grove Historical Museum in Pontiac. The barn will not be immediately assembled in its new location, but Preservation Farmington and OCPHS will retain open communication on the barn, with PF contributing history for a display on the barn’s original location.  We’re very sad that we’re losing another part of our history, but are thankful the barn isn’t going to be lost.  Look for disassembly of the barn to commence as soon as tomorrow.

Here are a few interior shots from our trip last Thursday to photodocument the barn and house:


The house will be lost, unfortunately. According to assessor records, it was built in 1890. At some point the interior layout was reconfigured. The walls are now drywall rather than plaster. We’re currently researching the property to find out if the barn pre-dates the house or post-dates it.  We have a very tight time-frame, but are trying to relocate architectural salvage to other historic homeowners, though none of the trim appears to be the original trim for the home.  We’ll also be looking for a few helping hands, so let us know if you’re ready to wield your Wonder Bar soon!


Are you starting your historic house research? Would you be interested in getting a boost from an experienced researcher? We’re floating the idea of doing a small group workshop in the Heritage Room where researchers can get help from Jena Stacey as they begin or continue their research. Group sizes would be limited to eight (8) researchers per workshop and would be on a weekend day. Email us at PreservationFarmington@gmail.com with your interest.


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