Welcome to Preservation Farmington

Redevelopment and historic preservation, and how the two intersect, are hot topics in the city of Farmington. Over the past few months, we’ve seen redevelopment plans that threaten hundred-year-old houses, a petition to save them, and discussions of parking space versus historic buildings. We’ve been told by Main Street Oakland County that our town is on the verge of tremendous growth…if these issues are addressed.

We’ve also been told by that same organization that the city needs to work on community involvement in their plans for Farmington’s future.

That’s where we come in.

One of Preservation Farmington’s major goals is to keep residents in the know about what’s happening on the downtown history scene, and provide opportunities for the general public to make their voices heard on subjects that are important to them–among them, maintaining the historic character of Farmington’s downtown. We believe that many people care deeply about the subject, especially when it involves irreversibly altering long-standing buildings that have been part of the downtown landscape for decades.

To this end, we’ve created this website as a resource for history-conscious citizens, and all who are invested in the future of the Farmington community. On it, you’ll find links to Farmington city plans, a listing of local historical groups and organizations, history-related sites to visit and Facebook pages to follow, and suggestions for how to get involved in the Farmington history scene–to whatever extent you prefer.

We hope you’ll join us in the ongoing quest to #SaveFarmingtonsCharacter.

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