VINTAGE POINT: Bel-Aire plane crash

On October 9, 1960, a single-engine plane carrying three people crash-landed at Prospect and Loomis in the Bel-Aire subdivision, just west of Farmington High, where the St. Leo football team was playing Our Lady of Sorrows. It crashed in the Mathiesons’ front yard at 23680 Prospect, then skidded 100 feet. The right wing knocked a utility pole. The left wing hit 12-year-old Michael Wilson, who’d been riding his bike and had stopped to watch the plane circle. No one died, although all were injured.

Historic photo from the Farmington Public Safety Facebook page (it’s a cool album: see it here). Contemporary photo by Maria Taylor.

Crazy story, right? Here’s the story on the front page of the Detroit Free Press on Monday, October 10, 1960:

From the Farmington Observer:

And a follow-up from the Observer on the fate of those involved:

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