VINTAGE POINT: Universalist church


Farmington’s little white Universalist church (old photo, at left) was dedicated on August 28, 1853 at the northeast corner of Warner and Thomas. Its tower had no bell, so the Universalists paid to share the bell in the Methodist church next door.

The church was moved to 25301 Halsted in Farmington Hills in 1967. Its former site is now a parking lot, adjacent to the vacant Maxfield Training Center in downtown Farmington.

Historic photo from Farmington: A Pictorial History Photograph Collection by Brian Golden. Contemporary photo by Maria Taylor.

VINTAGE POINT is Preservation Farmington’s photo column, featuring an exclusive focus on Farmington history: a look at our city through the lens of time. Look for Vintage Point every other week in the Farmington Observer and Farmington Voice and on our Facebook and Twitter pages. We’ll also keep an archive of all past issues on our website under the Vintage Point tab.


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