VINTAGE POINT: Lumber yard

Some hundred years ago, you could buy lumber and coal at the Amos Otis lumber yard, located at the site of what is now Bellacino’s on the north side of Grand River.

See the then-and-now slider here.

Historic photo from the Farmington Community Library Heritage Room. Contemporary photo by Maria Taylor.

VINTAGE POINT is Preservation Farmington’s photo column, featuring an exclusive focus on Farmington history: a look at our city through the lens of time. Look for Vintage Point every other week in the Farmington Observer and Farmington Voice and on our Facebook and Twitter pages. We also keep an archive of all past issues on our website under the Vintage Point tab.

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2 Responses to VINTAGE POINT: Lumber yard

  1. Michael D. Ritenour says:

    Thank you, Maria, for the photos and descriptions. I only recently began receiving your emails, and I now look forward to each new one. You are indulging two of my passions simultaneously: history and Farmington. Please keep up the great work!


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